Why YOU Need a Holiday

Why YOU Need a Holiday

After being cooped up at home and then returning to work all while adhering to the strict travel limitations, you need, no, you deserve a holiday! With travel legislations slowly easing up and intra-provincial travel finally allowed, do you find yourself dreaming of a weekend away, a quick escape from city life, or perhaps a week at your sunny South Coast home-away-from-home? Or, do you catch yourself mid-thought and wonder if a holiday is, in fact, necessary. Well, we are here to tell you that not only are they necessary, but they are actually beneficial to you, your relationships and even the economy!


A Holiday will Reduce your Stress

Why YOU Need a Holiday - Reduce Stress

Have you been feeling depressed or anxious, a little moody or irritable, overwhelmed or perhaps lonely? Do you have aches and pains, an upset stomach, chest pain or rapid heart rate? Are you having memory problems, struggling to concentrate or have an overwhelming sense of worry? Then you might be stressed. While stress has the potential to help you stay focused, energetic, and alert in the short term and allow you to meet deadlines, in the long run, stress can be detrimental to your health. By taking a break from work and going on a much-needed holiday, you can prevent the risk of burnout or even a heart attack. Remember that self-love is not selfish!


It can Strengthen your Relationships

Why YOU Need a Holiday - Strengthen Relationships

There is no better way to unwind and connect with your loved ones than while on holiday. By stepping away from the monotony of daily life (especially if you have been homeschooling your children and keeping up with your own work demand) and getting outdoors, you allow yourself the freedom to relax and reconnect with your family without the nagging to-do lists, shouting and stress. A family holiday is a perfect way to build personal bonds and improve one-on-one connections.


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A Holiday will Boost your Energy

Why YOU Need a Holiday - Boost Energy

An excellent way to boost your energy and destress is to go on holiday! Numerous studies have shown that people are more energised and productive at work after returning from a low-stress holiday. A holiday does not need to be 14 days or longer, a holiday could be a weekend away. Remember that a change of scenery, even in your home town or province is as good as an international holiday, minus the jetlag!


They are Good for your health

Why YOU Need a Holiday - Good for your Health

We know that overworking can have a negative impact on your diet and puts additional stress on your mind and body, and can cause you to have poor circulation, increased weight gain, poor sleep patterns, depression and even nervous system conditions. By going on holiday you can break the cycle, even temporarily, and can significantly improve your overall physical and mental health. By going on holiday, you can:

  • Reduce stress
  • Boost your emotional stability
  • Improve mood
  • Fight depression, and
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease

We have all heard the proverb: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” The meaning behind this proverb is that without time off from work, a person becomes both bored and boring. So, stop working yourself to death – go on holiday!


Bonus: A Holiday can Help the Economy

Why YOU Need a Holiday - Help the Economy

We all know that the South African economy has taken a knock during this time – especially the tourism sector. Your holiday can benefit not only your own family but others – too! There are a multitude of families who have lost their livelihood due to the closing of the tourism industry. By going on holiday, you are helping to boost the economy. Right now, going on holiday is truly a selfless act!


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While we may only travel intra-provincially for now, there has never been a better time to go on holiday. So take your leave and explore your beautiful province!

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