How to travel “boujee” on a budget

Are you the type of traveller that works towards striking a balance between indulgence and financial responsibility, while enjoying high-quality experiences without overspending? Then you are what we call a ‘Boujee on a budget’ traveller. There’s nothing wrong with splurging a little for a romantic getaway or vacation with friends and family. There’s also nothing wrong with spending smart and getting value for the ultimate experience. Here are some tips on how you can combine the two to achieve the best ‘boujee’ travel experience on a budget:

Off-Season Destinations

Consider visiting popular destinations during their off-peak seasons. Not only will you find cheaper prices and rates for accommodations and activities, but you’ll also be able to avoid crowds, enabling you to have a more enjoyable experience. For example, the busiest month for tourism in Margate is usually between September and January. So try and plan your next visit to Kridzil with this in mind so that you can get the most value out of your trip!

Focus on Experiences

Instead of spending on material things, allocate your budget to unforgettable experiences. This could mean splurging on a private guided tour, a fancy dinner at a renowned local restaurant, or simply immersing yourself in the local culture by attending local events and participating in free or low-cost activities. While Margate is considered a small vacation town, it has a lot to offer. So as a ‘boujee on a budget’ traveller, Margate is a destination worth considering!

Group Travel

Nothing screams creating memories like travelling with friends and/or family! When travelling in a group, you can often get discounts on rates for accommodations, tours, and activities, making it more affordable to enjoy experiences together. The Wild Waves Water Park at Wild Coast Sun could be a FUN-TASTIC activity for the whole group to enjoy; offering all ages an exciting and thrilling experience to create everlasting memories together. 

Public Transportation and Walking:

Instead of expensive taxis or car rentals, use public transportation to get around the city. Walking is also a great way to explore and soak in the local atmosphere. Lucky for you, many of the facilities and amenities in Margate are within walking distance from Kridzil. There’s nothing better than knowing the next item on your itinerary is just around the corner!

Splurge Wisely

Identify the experiences that matter most to you and splurge on those while saving on other aspects of your trip that might not be as memorable. “Quality over quantity,” is the number one rule to enjoying the full holiday experience. With that in mind, Kridzil offers affordable and comfortable accommodation to stay in while you savour and take in all the beauty and culture that make Margate such a popular tourist destination.

Remember, the key is to prioritise the elements that make your trip special and enjoyable while being mindful of your budget. With a little planning and creativity, you can have a ‘boujee’ travel experience without breaking the bank! If you have any more tips on how to be the ultimate ‘boujee on a budget’ traveller, kindly share them with us on our Facebook page.