Six Brilliant Beach Hacks

As exciting as a trip to the beach may be, there are just some things (sticky sand, forgetting where you placed your belongings, the unpleasantness of getting sunburn, etc.) that can make your beach experience quite stressful. But, we’ve got you covered! These six brilliant beach hacks will make your day at the beach easier and more enjoyable.


Snap a quick pic

This first hack is probably the most important. It is easy for children to get lost at the beach. To avoid this make sure that, before everyone splits up, you take a group photo so that you can describe everyone and their outfits to other people and lifeguards in case they get lost. This simple trick is especially useful for small children who may wander, as it ensures that you have a recent image, in their identifiable outfit for reference.

Bring Balloons

This second hack piggybacks on the first one. Have you ever gone for a dip in the ocean or gone to collect seashells, but you accidently misplaced your stuff? Tying helium-filled balloons to your beach umbrella or chairs will make it easier for you to spot your picnic area in a sea of umbrellas and beach towels. Another useful balloon hack is blowing into balloons when you, or your little ones, get water stuck in your ears. Blowing into a balloon a couple of times will force the water out.

Fitted Sheet

Bring a fitted sheet along and use it to create your own sand-free beach blanket. Put one heavy object, such as chairs, a cooler box, and a bag inside each corner of the fitted sheet, and fold the corners around these objects to lift the sides of the sheet and create a barrier from the sand. Lay your beach towels and cooler box inside the fitted sheet to sit on.

Fill a container with water

This is another hack that works hand-in-hand with the previous one. To avoid getting sand inside the fitted sheet set-up, fill a container with water and place it beside the fitted sheet set-up with little space between the two. The idea is to wash the sand off your feet before getting inside the fitted sheet.

Ziplock bag

Invest in a waterproof phone case, but if you are not willing to spend the extra cash, a ziplock bag will have the exact same effect. As weird as it may sound, keep your phone in a ziplock bag to protect it from getting wet or having sand stuck in the speaker. The touchscreen will still work so you will be able to use your phone and protect it from any water and sand damage.

Baby powder

By the time it’s time to go home, everyone will be covered with sand and it will be stuck in every crevice of your bodies. While we love the feeling of seasand between our toes while sitting on the beach, it is not something we want to carry back with us into our cars or homes. Before you all hop into the car, sprinkle baby powder on everyone, and the sticky sand will magically dry up and turn to dust that simply brushes off.

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