Packing for your Kridzil Vacation

Kridzil Packing List

The South Coast is a popular destination for couples, families and friends all year round. The tropical weather means that, even in winter, you will likely find yourself in summer clothing.

Our Packing list is simply a guide for you to use before you embark on your next Kridzil adventure. Remember to pack according to the activities you plan on enjoying.

If you are still planning your itinerary, be sure to read through our list of places we think you should visit on the South Coast Part 1 AND Part 2.

While we are aware that travel is restricted in South Africa at the moment, there really is no better time to dream about and plan your next Kridzil vacation.

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The luggage you choose to use for your next South Coast vacation should be versatile and lightweight. You do not want to be carting heavy bags to and from your car and unit. You do not need to pack much as you will most likely spend the majority of your time in a swimsuit. That is the point of a beach vacation after all! The goal of your Kridzil vacation is to relieve stress, not add to it – a heavy bag will become an added stress.

You have three options when deciding on a bag for your next trip – a duffel bag, a wheeled case or a carry-on. Our personal favourite is the duffel bag as it is lightweight, won’t take up too much space in the boot and is just big enough to fit the essentials. Nevertheless, the choice is still yours at the end of the day.


Duffel Bag

Also known as a gym bag, the duffel bag is lightweight and versatile with soft sides allowing it to fit in almost any space. This bag is easy to pack and can often hold more than a hardcover suitcase.


Wheeled, Hardcover Case

These wheelable, hardcover cases are great for heavy bags or when walking long distances. This case can be an excellent back-saver if you are using air travel, however, they tend to take up a lot of space in cars.


Carry-On or Backpack

Lastly, if you are planning a weekend away or realize that you don’t need much for your South Coast vacation, then a carry-on or backpack is the best choice for you! They are lightweight, compact and can offer a multitude of uses during your stay.



As with your luggage choices, the clothing you choose to pack for your next South Coast vacation, regardless of the season, should be light and breezy. During the autumn and winter months, you should pack a jersey or a few warmer options – however, thermals are not necessary.

Ps. It is beneficial to start thinking about how you will transport your wet and sandy items. There is nothing worse than a bag full of damp, sandy clothing and towels.

It would be beneficial to take a look at the material of the clothing you would like to pack. There are a few fabrics which are perfect for the warmer South Coast weather – and these should make up the majority of the items you pack.



Cotton is famous for its breathability and versatility. You can find blouses, shirts, pants and shorts, cover-ups, and dresses all made out of cotton. You can wear cotton clothing for both day-time and night-time looks.



Linen is another breathable fabric to wear in warm weather. This fabric is light and loosely woven, allowing heat to escape. Linen can absorb moisture and dries quickly – keeping you cool and dry.



Did you know that Rayon is a fabric blended from cotton, wood pulp and other natural or synthetic fibres? Invented as a more affordable substitute for silk – Rayon has thin fibres making it light and breathable.



Chambray, or imitation denim, is essentially linen-finished gingham with a lightly mottled weave. Denim is a staple in everyone’s closet – however, chambray is significantly lighter in weight while still providing the denim look.



Silk might not be the most breathable fabric – however, it is great if you’re planning on dressing up for a fancy dinner. Silk is not as absorbent as the other fabrics in this list – nevertheless, silk is lightweight and can adapt to your body temperature.



Have you seen those tiny little toiletry bottles stocked in stores? They are perfect for travel as they hold just enough product for a week/weekend away. They are also a great way to ensure that you won’t be too heartbroken if you forget one of the items in your Kridzil unit after your vacation.

It is important to pack only the necessities. If you prefer to wear nude makeup, pack smaller products in the shades you prefer rather than packing your entire collection or your favourite products. The same goes for hair products and body cleansing items.

You are likely going to spend your time at the beach where all of these products are unnecessary. So think hard about each item before packing them in your toiletry bag.



Your health should be of utmost importance! You do not want to ruin your Kridzil vacation by getting sick – so don’t forget to pack those all-important prescriptions and any other items needed to stay healthy. We recommend a mini first aid kit whenever you travel.



In this day and age, technology plays a tremendous role in the lives of both young and old. Be sure to pack your phone, camera and any other device which will elevate your South Coast experience and allow you to relive these special moments. Don’t forget the charges, too!



No one realizes just how essential travel documentation is. These documents should always be accessible – either in an easily reachable backpack or handbag stored under your seat. Technology might be an “easier” way to store these documents, however, what would happen if you arrived at the Resort and weren’t able to check-in due to being unable to access your emails because your phone, laptop, or tablet died?

Copies of your ID’s and confirmation letter or guest certificate are especially important and must be printed before you begin your trip to the South Coast.


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