Love truly blossomed at Kridzil this Valentine’s Day!

Once upon a time, at a seaside resort in the heart of Margate, true love conquered against all odds.

It all started on a sunny day, as guests started to arrive ahead of Valentine’s Day and the anticipation for the long-awaited romantic break reached its peak. Hand in hand, guests were welcomed with a balloon popping challenge. Four lucky couples would head out on Valentine’s Day and celebrate their shared forevers in true Kridzil fashion, however the prizes were cupid’s best-kept secret.

Kridzil Valentine's Day Reception

Balloons were popped, but hearts remained mended. And some couples grew even closer! For one of those couples, Carl and Angela King, it was just up from there with the biggest prize of all – a scenic helicopter ride over Margate where they got to celebrate their love up in the sky, reaching for the clouds! A massive thanks and a hearty cheers to Wolf Security and Hendrik Ludick, the pilot who sponsored the prize, for they both contributed to everlasting holiday memories for this fantastic couple!

Carl and Angela - Kridzil Valentine's Day

Another happy couple bonded over a scenic cruise along the Umtamvuna River on the Spelbound Gambler II. Alistair and Samantha, we hope you’ve made memories that you can treasure together, forever and may your love grow stronger each day!

Alistair and Samantha - Kridzil Valentine's Day

Of course, cupid wouldn’t let us get away without a romantic cosy dinner for two. So we gave away two! Gerald and Shirley, and Johannes and Ingrid – just wow! Your love and devotion inspired us, and we hope both couples enjoyed a very special evening, side by side, at Larry’s Restaurant.

Johannes and Ingrid - Kridzil Valentine's Day

At Kridzil, we believe in celebrating the small things, the big things, and everything in between. We hope our guests all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and shared special moments which they may carry with them on their journeys together.

Gerald and Shirley - Kridzi Valentine's Day

Until next time, the Kridzil Cupid Team.