Seven Reasons Why You Should Scuba Dive

As Sebastian so eloquently put it in Little Mermaid… “Under the sea. Under the sea. Darling it’s better. Down where it’s wetter. Take it from me …”. There is a world under the sea waiting to be discovered and what better and more magical way to do this, than by scuba diving.

Here are seven reasons why you should scuba dive:

1) It is a Digital Detox

No WhatsApp family or neighbourhood groups. No insurance messages asking you to take action or opt out. No emails. No Facebook or push notifications. No annoying phone calls. No spam. No noise. Just peace and tranquillity! The benefits of taking a break from technology (aka digital detox) have been proven scientifically, physically and psychologically and scuba diving offers exactly that – time away from the noise pollution that has unfortunately become part of everyday life.


2) Each Dive is One of a Kind

Even if you dive at the same place every month/week or the same place, same day but at another time – the experience will always be different. Life doesn’t ever stand still under the sea. Each dive is exclusive, unique, one of a kind and that makes diving amazing. You will never be bored and each opportunity you have to dive will mean new experiences, new memories and the ability to witness new things.


3) Great and Fun Way to Keep Fit

Most people love the idea of being fit but not everyone enjoys hitting the gym where the circuits can be boring, the cardio section daunting (and mostly super busy) and the classes intimidating. And so fitness isn’t a priority… but what is awesome about diving is that you get fit without knowing it. It is fun without your knees straining and without it being boring or seemingly daunting. Diving is a great combination of a cardio workout and strength training; one benefit of which is the increased oxygen levels in your blood – yay!


4) Fairly Easy to Learn

Contrary to common belief – scuba diving is fairly easy to learn. To dive, you just need a basic certificate and complete course work that include a mix of theory and practical. But actually scuba diving isn’t as difficult, as most sports are to pick up. Professional diving may be a different ball game – but basic diving isn’t restricted to super fit, strong swimming or extremely talented individuals (no offence intended scuba diving community!).


5) Feeling Weightless and Free

When diving, you feel like you are weightlessly floating in beautiful surroundings – some say it is like flying or being like an astronaut in space. However you prefer to describe it, you feel a euphoric sense of freedom – free from the weight of the world, free from obligations, “free” from your body.


6) Super Human Abilities

Well sort of… with your oxygen tank you have the ability to breathe under water and that pretty much makes you a super human. Something interesting to consider is that most people believe that scuba diving is a claustrophobic person’s nightmare; but if you consider that you are in the most wide open space that there is, breathing under water becomes not only easy; but liberating… unless of course you suffer from agoraphobia (fear of wide open spaces).


7) “Sea” A Whole New World

Did you know that the ocean makes up 71% of the earth’s surface? That brings new meaning to a “whole new world is waiting to be discovered”. The sea-shell on the top? There are between 700,000 to a million approximate species in the ocean – that is a whole lot of critters and creatures waiting for you to discover.


Kridzil cannot agree more with the above and therefore started a new initiative at the Resort, for when the weather is nice and mild. And that is having a scuba demonstration for our guests. The guests that have already participated were left smiling from ear-to-ear.


Have you ever wanted to know how to scuba dive but never had the opportunity to try? Well, we now get in a qualified scuba instructor to do a demo in the Kridzil pool for any guests willing and interested. Once the participants have gone through the session they receive a “certificate”. When staying with us enquire at Reception for more information! This could well be the start of your scuba diving adventures.

              Demonstration in Kridzil’s Pool.



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