4 Reasons Why Kridzil Supports African Blessings Every Chance We Get

The Kridzil Team have an unofficial motto of “just smile” and we believe that “a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear”. With that said, we aren’t selfish with our smiles – we always try to spread smiles to our guests and even to the greater South African Community. This is exactly why we support African Blessings, a Non-Profit Company and Public Benefit Organisation, who assists us in “dishing-out” smiles, to places far beyond Kridzil borders. Here are 4 Reasons why we support African Blessings every chance we get!

1.   Jochebed Children’s Village and the African Blessings Early Learning Centre

There is an African proverb that says “It takes a village to raise a child” and this is the foundation of the Jochebed Vision, which will eventually provide safe houses and a holistic and balanced upbringing for children in need; it will be more than an “orphanage” – it will be a loving home for vulnerable children, with house parents and tons of awesome facilities.

The Early Learning Centre (ELC), established in 2010, is the first phase of the Jochebed dream. African Blessings recognises the importance of education and nurturing strong leaders from an early age. The ELC offers pre-school children (ages 0 – 6) the strongest possible foundation in their crucial formative years – unlocking their full potential and of course allowing them to have fun along the way. The African Blessings’ dream, vision and commitment to South Africa’s future leaders is one of the reasons Kridzil loves supporting the Farm.


2. Food Gardens

The food gardens are currently the main outreach activity at the African Blessings’ Farm and they are established and cultivated according to the Foundations for Farming Principles. The main purpose behind the gardens is to encourage and provide a means for sustainable food security for communities. This outreach instils a sense of empowerment amongst communities and with it, its members. Not only do members learn to cultivate veggies for themselves but the veggies are and can be sold as an additional income. This is really a wonderful initiative and is the second reason we love to support the African Blessings.



3. Community Critter Care

An important focus point for African Blessings is taking care of animals in need. It is vital to them that every animal receives love, care and the right to be protected. Working closely with the Tshwane SPCA, African Blessings helps to rehabilitate stray dogs, cats or livestock from poor and abusive conditions, within the Farm’s surrounding area. Three times a month, the team goes into Rethabiseng and offers a mobile pet and animal care service to community member’s animals. Many pet owners love and want to care for their best friends but do not have the means to do so; this is where Community Critter Care comes in and offers assistance. What’s super is that African Blessings hopes to expand their care to more communities in the near future!

The African Blessings’ heart for animals in need, and the fact that they take time to assist and educate people so that the animals have the best care possible, is another reason why supporting African Blessings is important to us.

4. Horse and Donkey Rescue Centre

The Equine Rescue Centre, established in 2010, is a principle and substantially important establishment at the African Blessings’ Farm. It all started with African Blessings coming into contact with severely abused, abandoned and mistreated horses and donkeys in the various communities they serve. The outreach team witnessed just how many horses and donkeys were in compromising situations, with their spirits (and sometimes their bodies) broken and in dire need of love and care. These heart breaking situations sparked the desire to provide a safe-haven for horses and donkeys in need, which led to the building of the paddocks and stables at the beautiful African Blessings farm. After many hours of love and care by the African Blessings’ Team – all the rescued, “noble steeds” are happy, healed and enjoying the good life at the Farm.

We love the stable relationships!


Where does Kridzil fit in?

Well, with all of the above mentioned causes, as well the causes that we haven’t even mentioned that African Blessings is involved in, it is pretty clear why we support the Farm every chance we get. So whether we sell boerewors rolls to guests, have collection tins at Reception or hold raffles, for example for boogie boards, at Kridzil – we do so to raise and donate funds to this charity. Thank you to those guests that have supported our initiatives in the past. You are helping to bring smiles to the broader community’s faces – through your on-going support we can really make a difference.


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