It seems as though time flies by faster and faster as the years go by. Weren’t we just celebrating the Festive Season and making New Year’s resolutions? Yet here we are with Valentine’s Day, the RCI Awards Ceremony, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and a whole range of other special days marked off of our calendars. With so much happening, the Kridzil Team thought it was time to re-collect and celebrate what has happened the first half of year and give you exclusive behind the scenes insights on the undertakings and accomplishments of 2017. So without further ado… allow us to let you in on the latest updates and upgrades at Kridzil.

First Stop the RCI Awards Ceremony

The RCI Awards Ceremony, known as the RCI OSCAS, is an annual celebration of the leading Resorts and frontrunners in the industry. At this year’s OSCAS Kridzil was upgraded from Standard Resort Grading to Hospitality Grading, which is an amazing feat! In addition, against hundreds of other Resorts, Kridzil placed in the best five, in the Top Resort Maintenance category. These are incredible achievements and really speak to the level of investment, commitment and passion our team has for Kridzil. We are pleased with the Team’s dedication.



Next Stop the Latest Updates and Upgrades at Kridzil

We understand that a trip to Kridzil isn’t just a holiday. It’s so much more than that. It is the opportunity to spend that quality time with loved ones you’ve been meaning to. It’s your chance to kick up your feet and have fun; a time to relax and escape the everyday stresses and busyness. It’s a very special time for you and your family. It is for this reason that we look into improving Kridzil for all our guests.

With this top of mind, let’s get into what we have accomplished during the first half of the year. First-off, last year we initiated that with check-in you receive an envelope full of discounts; we are continuing the tradition and keep working on getting even more coupons for you to use when you visit us. So whether it is a little discount at the local butchery, restaurants, health spas; for deep sea fishing and scuba diving; or scenic barge tours at the Umtamvuna River – we will try and make your trip a little more affordable and fun!


Staying with check-in…

If you have already visited us this year, you will know that during check-in you also get to “pop-a-balloon” to win a spot prize. Guests love this initiative! For those of you that are still looking forward to a stay with us – we are excited for you to try your luck. Who knows what you may win!

Once you have been successfully checked-in and thoroughly welcomed to Kridzil and while we personally escort you to your room; you may spot a few changes to the garden, the units and the Resort in general. Well, that is if you have stayed with us before. If that is the case, you will notice that we have continued to add to the beautiful garden – we’ve replanted shrubs and planted even more flowers! Now as you lay eyes on Kridzil’s quaint garden, you will see the beautiful pops of colour, smell the sweet fragrance of the flowers and witness a whole range of butterflies flitting around.



To ensure our garden remains magnificent and in good addition, we have installed a JoJo tank at the communal braai area. The tank has been rigged to collect underground seepage and this water is used to irrigate the garden. So no matter what – our garden will remain well-watered and looking great.



From the gardens to the units…

B Block’s exterior and B Block’s patios are progressively being repainted. We have selected a completely different colour and it’s looking great. All of A Block’s patios have already been successfully repainted and look super. We are also still progressively repainting A Block’s exterior.



Last year, we replaced all crockery and cutlery at B Block! Well, we have now started to systematically replace all cutlery and crockery at A Block. Also,

  • Both A and B Block kitchens now sport brand new, stainless steel drying racks, which have replaced the worn plastic ones.
  • The plastic waste bins in all the bathrooms and toilets have been replaced with new stainless steel peddle bins.

These are just some of the latest behind-the-scenes updates and upgrades at Kridzil the first half of 2017. We will keep you posted on what the second half of the year holds for the Resort.


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