Sardine Run

Did you know that Kridzil, your special holiday place by the sea, isn’t just your holiday accommodation?

The very place you love is situated close to the incredibly exciting, naturally occurring phenomenon, the Sardine Run, which takes place along parts of the KZN coast.

Each year, between June and July, millions of small silvery sardine fish form large swirling shoals and make their journey from the cool Cape waters to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, and what a sight it is to see! The large sardine shoals move northwards up the coast, and as they move the sardine shoals grow to become many kilometres wide- forming the “greatest shoal on earth”. So be sure to not miss the sighting, it is truly spectacular.

Sardine run

As the shoals begin to move and start making their way along the South Coast, hordes of expectant fishermen get their nets ready to catch the many sardines that come to the shore. It’s not only the fishermen who are ready, but also the marine life and birds who are looking to gorge on sardines so as not to miss out on their fair share.

This is prime spotting time if you are a marine lover and want to catch a glimpse of the marine animals in all their glory. The predators arrive en mass to take part in the feeding frenzy, never leaving you disappointed as to what marine life you might see.

The variety of sharks that you could spot range from Bronze Whalers, Bull Sharks, Hammerheads, Great Whites and more. Dolphins, cormorants, seals and sometimes penguins also make an appearance in anticipation of the greatest feast of the year.

Sardine run

This great natural phenomenon can be viewed from the shore, by boat, or – for the brave – snorkelling and scuba diving. It is truly up to you. The chance of getting some great underwater “action” photographs is amazing too – the fact that National Geographic and the Discovery channel also flock to the sea to get some great pictures also highlights the giant status of the Sardine Run.

Sardine Run

Did you know?

  • The shoals of sardines have been known to be as large as 7 km long and up to 1.5 km wide!
  • During June – July (sardine season) Humpback whales migrate up the coast and can also be spotted
  • The Sardine Run has been described as the greatest marine spectacle on earth

Just take a look at these incredible videos taken:

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