Six ultimate beach hacks that every family needs to know

There is nothing like catching your Vitamin Sea with the family. Having the waves lap over your feet as you walk on the beach or being rocked by the waves when you go for a swim. Then of course there is the building of sand castles, picking up shells for a loved one or playing bat and ball to establish who the family champion is. You might remember burying a sibling or watching the kids taking turns to bury each other with just their heads bobbing above the sand. Maybe you even told a relative that their sun cream was “all rubbed in” and laughed as they confidently walked the beaches resembling a ghost. Nothing beats a beach holiday with the family.

But with the good sometimes there are little issues that might crop up… so with that said here are the ultimate beach hacks to make sure that your beach holiday is all sunshine and smooth sailing.

  • Baby Powder Draws The Line In The Sand
    So you have spent the perfect day in the sun and now it is time to head back to your holiday home. But that SPF50 that you and family have plied on and that last cooling swim you took has made the sand a sticky situation. But baby or talcum powder is your secret weapon. Sprinkle the baby powder on your skin and it soaks up all the liquid and oil and simply brush off the dry sand.
  • Inflatable Baby Pool Idea – Making Waves
    Have a little toddler or baby? Why not pack in an inflatable pool? You can put some seawater in it and allow them to have fun under your umbrella. This way they don’t miss out on the sea fun but they are safe and you get to relax, tan or read right next to them.
  • No Sticky Finger – Ice-cream Hack
    There is nothing like a cold ice-cream on the hot beach. But having the ice lolly melt in your hands is not so great. For a mess free treat bring along cupcake holders or casings, carefully make a slit in the casing, just so that the stick of the ice-cream fits in and wham you have an ice cream melt stopper.
  • Bowl into A Hole – Boredom Buster
    Fun and games at the beach are endless. But here are some more fun games just for you– all you need is a ball (a tennis ball will be perfect). Then simply dig different holes in the sand and have fun with it –dig big holes, small ones, ones far and ones close. Have a marker from where everyone must bowl and there you have it – see who the family “bowl into a hole” champion is.
  • We Dig Creative Sand Toys
    Who needs conventional beach toys? The standard bucket and spade are great but they take up a lot of valuable space in the car and using “creative sand toys” will save you some money as well. Our hack – old kitchen utensils! Yes, bring out your old measuring cups, spoons, cookie cutters (for patterns) and utensils. They are just as effective and make building sandcastles more interesting.
  • Beach Bed – Fitting Perfectly Into Your Relaxation Schedule
    The beach is the perfect place to unwind. Why not make yourself even more comfortable and free from the sticky sand. All you need to bring is an old fitted sheet, flip it upside down and place bags or coolers or buckets in each corner, and boom you have a comfy beach bed!

May these hacks help you have a wonderful beach adventure; such an amazing adventure that the memories you create last long after the tans have faded. The final thought or hack to leave you with is put perfectly by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air”.