What If Bag?

So, you’re all ready to go, with your accommodation secured and all your travel arrangements set… but you still have to pack the dreaded “holiday bag”. What a pain it is, I mean you can’t deny that packing can be a real kill joy at times. Trying to make all those “extra” items fit into THAT suitcase you thought would be able carry everything in it with ease.

I mean how many of you can say with utmost truth that you have not, absolutely NOT over packed for at least one or more vacations? Well for those who those of you who have said no, I trust you’re the person who gets asked to help pack bags for family and friends who are going on vacation.

But now we have a solution for you – the “What If bag”. The What if it rains, what if it gets cold, what if he takes me out for dinner or we decide to go swim or hike kinda bag. This means you can still pack almost as much as you would like to and get away with it.

Let’s pack a “What If Bag” so you can get the maximum amount of clothing, toiletries, and everything else into that one suitcase.

Here are a few tips to ensure you look great on you getaway.

# 1: Roll Your Clothes

Everyone from flight attendants to military members knows this trick: Rolling your clothes is the best way to fit as much as possible in your suitcase. An added bonus to rolling is that you’ll have fewer wrinkles.

#2: Make use of all spaces

Stuff them. Shoes take up a lot of space inside a suitcase. Make them do double duty by stuffing them full of small items like socks and underwear (in a zip lock bag) or run your belt along the inside edge of the suitcase instead of rolling it up.

Zip it and then add some more. When you have an overflow of items that just don’t seem like they’ll fit, try closing and zipping your suitcase completely, sit on it, and then reopen you bag. You will be surprised of the available spaces in your bag that you can add some more “what if” items.

Bundle wrap it.  Fit more in your luggage and avoid folds, creases and wrinkles by employing the method. This packing strategy involves filling a small pouch with soft items (like socks, underwear, etc.) and then wrapping larger clothing items around the pouch to form a bundle.

Sneaky pouches. Look for a pouch on the inside of the lid which can be a great place to put toiletries.

#3: For maximum capacity, select a soft bag.

With a soft-sided suitcase you can literally push the bag to its limits. After all it should work for its money as bags are getting so expensive these days. These bags are easier to shape and reshape until you can shove them into an overhead compartment or in the back of your already “full” boot.

Hard-sided suitcases are making a comeback, but don’t be fooled. For maximum capacity, select a soft bag.

#4 Travel size products

Travel size has become a way of life. There are two benefits: smaller sizes allow you to actually finish your products before they expire and then ultimately you can bring them along on your getaway without taking up unnecessary space.

Now that that’s sorted start packing your “what if bag” for your HOLIDAY!